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The Expendables You Need

Our Expendables store stocks all the supplies you need for your production. We've got everything from bulbs & gel, to grip accessories and hard-to-find components. DTC is proud to carry all the top industry names from ARRI to Zenon, and with over 30 years in the business, we can help you with all your production needs.

Our Sales Department works hard to keep us fully stocked. We also specialize in Theatrical Fixtures and Custom Drapery. Give us a call for more information.

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Grip Expendables
Setwear Gloves & Pouches
Gel Filter Kits Grip Heads
Apple Boxes
Milk Crates
Sandbags, 10lb, 15lb, 25lb, 35lbs
Baby Pins
Baby Plates
All Cardellini Products
All American Grip Items
All Mathews Grip Items
All Norms Grip Items
Grip Clips
Bailing Waire
Push Pins
Drywall Screws
Fender Washers
T50 Staples
Razor Blades

Electrical Expendables
  • We carry all the Electrical Expendables and accessories you need for your production. Not sure what you need? Give Us a Call.
Cube Taps
Add A Taps
Edison, Hubble Connectors
Bates Connectors
Suicide Connectors
Handheld Dimmers
Porcelain Sockets
3 to 2 Ground Adapters
Cam Locks
12/3 SJO Cable
Extension Cables
DMX Cable
China Lanterns & Sockets
Socket Dimmers
THHN Cable
Gel Filter Kits Zipties
Bongo Ties

Flags & Rags
  • We stock common sizes in Flags and Rags but we can also order custom sizes to your specifications. Call Us for Availability.
Chroma Key Green Fabric
Digicomp Green Fabric
Chroma Key Blue Fabric
Bleached Muslin
Unbleached Muslin
Black Bobbinette
18 x 24" Solids, Singles, Doubles, Silks
24 x 36" Solids , Singles, Doubles, Silks
48 x 48" Solids, Singles, Doubles, Silks
Numerous size Cutter Flags
Dot & Finger Kits
Duvetyn/Commando Cloth:
5 yds
10 yds
25 yds
50 yds

Textile Gallery

Textile Gallery

Check out all the available Textiles we supply.

Textile Gallery



Tape, Rope, Gel, Paper Products.



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