3 Key Questions to Ask Before Renting Film Trucks

Film trucks, or grip trucks, are the make-or-break “tool kits” for grip teams that need to hit the ground running on their latest production set. With careful planning, film trucks are well-stocked with all the essentials a team will need.

So when work takes your team to a distant location (like our beautiful home, the San Francisco Bay Area), renting film trucks means this critical equipment package is out of your hands until you pick it up (cue: a bit of a trepidation). And if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to know every last detail of your film trucks in advance of that pick-up day.

To make sure you get everything you need, we recommend these 3 simple but key questions you should never forget to ask when reserving film trucks.

1. Will you send me a detailed equipment list?

You want to know exactly what you can expect that film truck to be stocked with! Like most grip pros, you’re working off an extensive checklist of equipment that you need to ensure will be on site.

With a detailed list from the film truck rental company, you’ll know how many stands, clamps, ladders, overheads, cards, frames, etc. you can count on. Will they provide expendables? If so, those should be listed out too, with sizes and quantities marked for every single piece.

Curious what that detailed list might look like? We have excellent examples to share. If you rent film trucks from us, you can download and print a detailed equipment list for each of our film truck rental packages.

2. Is there a liftgate and/or towing potential?

Your timelines are tight, and you need to move fast, so it’s best to know the complete capabilities of your film trucks upfront. A liftgate is an added plus, as it will allow you to unload equipment more quickly and safely. And if you think a power generator is going to be needed on set, you’ll want to ask specifically about the towing capabilities of the film truck you have your eye on.

3. What specific insurance and auto coverage do I need?

There is nothing worse than an unexpected setback when you’re working on a time-sensitive production schedule. That’s why you’ll want to ask about insurance and auto coverage in advance of your reservation, so you’re not met with any surprises at pickup.

For example, in the case of film truck rentals from us, we require both standard production insurance and additional auto coverage.

And in the case of renting a 5 or 10 ton truck, the driver will also need to present a Class A Driver’s License.

You’re All Set

So, there you have it: 3 simple but important questions that will uncover any major surprises before you’re handed the keys to the future film trucks you rent.

We know you live and breathe all the logistics of production set-up, so covering these questions upfront will keep you on track for your best production work yet.

If you’re planning a film production in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’re here to help get you everything you need.