photo of person using a film equipment rental

Don’t Forget These 5 Things with Your Film Equipment Rental

You’ve done the work: your research is done, and you’re ready to call in that film equipment rental for your next San Francisco Bay Area film production.

It’s very likely your film equipment rental list includes a mix of camera support, lighting, and grip equipment.

May we make a small suggestion? As you prepare to make your rental reservation, there are 5 things you should to remember to address. Having all 5 of these details and questions marked off your list will save you future time and headaches. We promise you’ll be happy you took care of these items in advance.

1. The Pickup Details

This seems like a basic task, but there is more to ask about than the pickup address.

For example: where can you park, and what will you need to load the film equipment rental into your truck or van? Will someone be on the premises to help you? Are they allowed to help carry or wheel equipment to your truck?

2. Emergency Assistance Contact Info

Have you ever successfully completed your film equipment pickup, only to realize on-site that something important was missing? Or even worse, you then couldn’t reach the rental company to figure out how to correct this?

We recommend you ask for emergency contact information during the reservation process (to confirm it exists), plus again during your pickup. You will pat yourself on the back if you find yourself in this situation.

3. Delivery Options for Your Film Equipment Rental

Who doesn’t love some time savings on a busy production schedule? If you work with us, we deliver anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, and sometimes beyond – just ask! Our rates are based on distance traveled and the time of delivery. The time savings could be easily worth the added expense.

4. Vehicle Pick-Up Requirements

Did you get so overzealous about ordering your film equipment that you may have not considered the vehicle requirements needed to pick it all up?

This can easily happen, since lighting and grip gear comes in a large range of sizes. Even a small order can fill up a car pretty quickly. For example, something as standard as a 4x Solid Floppy will barely fit in a car because its dimensions are 4′ x 4′.

If vehicle size is a concern, be sure to bring that up during the reservation, so the film equipment rental provider can help you make the best selections.

5. Ratchet Straps and Tie-Downs

These are just too easy to forget! Customers should provide their own ratchet straps and tie-downs for loading their vehicles, so make sure you have them with you for your pickup.

However, in the case of our services, we do have some available for rent or purchase if you find yourself forgetting them.

You’re Ready to Make That Film Equipment Rental Reservation

You’re now all set to call in that film equipment rental order. Making sure to check off these 5 things will have you well-prepared for your pickup and first day on set.