1-Ton Sprinter Box

1-Ton Sprinter Box

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A 12 foot Sprinter box with lift gate.

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1-Ton Sprinter Box

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Sprinter Box Package


1040" C-Stands
220" C-Stands
1C Stand w/ Menace Arm
4Junior Combo Stand
2Low Combo Stands
4Baby Stands
2High Rollers


2Baby Pins
2Baby Wall Plates
2Baby/Junior Adapters
6Cardellini Clamps
4Mafer Clamps
2Chain Vise Grip w/ spud
2Scissor Clamp
2Beadboard Holder


6Cube Taps
4Ground Lifts
2Male Edisons
2Female Edisons
5Various Fuses
6Male Add a Taps
6Female Add a Taps
6AAA Batteries
6AA Batteries
2C Batteries
2D Batteries
29V Batteries
4PH 211
4PH 212
4PH 213
525' Stingers


F/PFull Grid
F/PLight Grid
F/P1/4 Grid
F/P1/2 Soft Frost
F/PHampshire Frost


16x6 Frame
18x8 Frame
112x12 Frame


15#1 Spring Clips
15#2 Spring Clips
10#3 Spring Clips
1220# Sandbags
435# Sandbags
6Apple Boxes Full
6Apple Boxes Half
6Apple Boxes Quarters
6Apple Boxes Pancakes
11/2 Crate Cribbing
11/2 Crate Wedges
4Furniture Pads
10Tie Lines
1Screw Bag
1Bag of nuts, bolts, and washers to repair stands


F1/8 CTO
F1/4 CTO
F1/2 CTO
1Full CTO
F1/8 CTB
F1/4 CTB
F1/2 CTB
1Full CTB
F1/8 + Green
F1/4 + Green
F1/2 + Green
FFull + Green
F1/8 - Green
F1/4 - Green
F1/2 - Green
FFull - Green
F1/8 Straw
F1/2 Straw


16x Solid
16x Single
16x Double
16x Silk
16x B/W Griff
16x Ultrabounce
18x Solid
18x Single
18x Double
18x Silk
18x B/W Griff
18x Ultrabounce
112x Solid
112x Single
112x Double
112x Silk
112x B/W Grill
112x Ultrabounce
1Bag of Scrap Duve


1Black/White Zip Cord
1Super 77
1Dulling Spray
1WD 40
1Alcohol Pads
4Snot Tape
22" White Gaff Roll
22" Black Gaff Roll
12" Grey Gaff Roll
11" White Gaff Roll
11" Black Gaff Roll
22" Black Paper Tape Roll
11" Jlar
12" Jlar
1Bag of C47
1#8 Spot
1#8 Sash Cord
1Black Trick Line
2White Mason
2B/W Foamcore
1Each Showcard - Silver Gold
2B/W Showcard - 4x4
24x4 Bounce (beadboard)

Flag Box

318x24 Solid
218x24 Single
218x24 Double
218x24 Silk
32x3 Solid
22x3 Single
22x3 Double
22x3 Silk
22x3 Frame
12x3 Celo Cucoloris
12x3 Wood Cucoloris
12x3 Video Tent, 3 Sides
44 x 4 Floppy
14 x 4 Single
14 x 4 Double
14 x 4 Silk
44 x 4 Frame
14 x 4 Celo Cucoloris
14 x 4 Wood Cucoloris
1Dot and Finger Set


24" C-Clamp Baby
26" C-Clamp Baby
28" C-Clamp Baby
28" C-Clamp Junior
2Furni Clamp 12"
2Furni Clamp 24"

Other Rolls

FSilver Flex
FSilver/Black Scrim
1Roll of 2' Blackwrap
1Roll of 1' Blackwrap
15 yard Roll of Duvetyne

Production Tools

1Sweep Broom
4Road Cones
1First Aid Kit
1Fire Extinguisher


14' Ladder
16' Ladder
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