5-Ton Grip Truck

5-Ton Grip Truck

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A fully-stocked 28-foot box truck with a liftgate and the capability to tow generators. Class A driver’s license is required for rental.


Make/Model:  2022 Freightliner M2 106

Total LxW: 32′-0″ x 8′-6″
Box Height: 13′-0″
Liftgate:  8′-6″ x 6′-0″

Cab: Seats 2-3
Transmission: Automatic
Fuel: Diesel
GVWR: 33,000 lbs.
Brake Type: Air
Hitch:  Pintle Hitch

Item List

5-Ton Grip Truck

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5 Ton Basic Package


2040" C-Stands
420" C-Stands
1C-Stand w/ Menace Arm
6High Rollers
2Mombo Combo
23-Rise Junior Combo
82-Rise Junior Combo
2Junior Low
2Junior Riser
43-Rise Baby
2Preemie Baby
2Baby Riser
1T Bones
2Turtle Stands
440" Gobo Arm
420" Gobo Arm
6Gobo Head
22-Rise Combo/Baby Wheels (Set of 3)
23-Rise Low Combo Wheels (Set of 3)
2Mombo Wheels (Set of 3)


22x4 Wall Spreader
26" Baby Riser
1Baby Double Header
2Baby Jesus - 3-fer Baby Adapter
4Baby Pins
2Norm's Pins
2Baby Offset Arm
6Baby Wall Plates
4Baby Pipe Hanger
44" Center Jaw Cardellini
44" End Jaw Cardellini
4Mafer Clamps
4Baby/Jr. Adapters
2Junior Offset Arm
6Junior Wall Plates
4Junior Pipe hangers
2Cheesboro to Baby Pin
2Cheesboro to Junior Pin
2Cheesboro to Jun Receiver
8Cheesboros Rigid
8Cheesboros Swivel
4Chain Vice Grips
4Chain Vice Grip w/ spud
4Furni Clamp Spuds
4Scissor Clips w/ spud
4Scissor Clips w/ hanger
1Putty Knife w/ spud
2Grip Savers
2Tree Branch Holders
4Beadboard Holder

Grip Misc

20#1 Grip Clip
30#2 Grip Clip
15#3 Grip Clip
2020 lb. Sandbag
1020 lb. Shotbag
1035 lb. Sandbag
442"x42" Silver Reflector
242"x42" Slip on Shiny-Board Silver
24x4 Mirror
12Apple Boxes Full
12Apple Boxes Half
12Apple Boxes Quarters
12Apple Boxes Pancakes
1Full Basso Blocks
1Half Basso Blocks
1Crate of Wedges
1Crate of Cribbing
1Crate of 1x1 Pads
1250' Static Hand Line
8Ratchet Straps
26' Span Sets w/ (2) 5/8" Shackle
12Safety Cables
2Pulleys - Medium
16Speed Clips
6Furniture Pad

Tool Drawer

14 in 1 Screwdriver
1Allen Set (Med. & Std.)
1Socket Set
1Wrench Set (Met. & Std.)
1Crescent Wrench
1Channel Locks
1Needle Nose Pliers
1Standard Pliers
1Vise Grip
1Pipe Wrench
1Hack Saw
1Hand Saw
1Tree Saw
1Bolt Cutter
1Wire Brush
1Wire Cutters
1Electric Drill w/ Bit set
1Electric Saw


16x6 Solid
16x6 Single
16x6 Double
16x6 Poly Silk
16x6 Full Grid Cloth
16x6 1/2 Grid Cloth
16x6 1/4 Grid Cloth
16x6 B/W Griff
16x6 Ultrabounce
16x6 Bleached Muslin
18x8 Solid
18x8 Single
18x8 Double
18x8 Poly Silk
18x8 1/2 Grid
18x8 1/4 Grid
18x8 B/W Griff
18x8 Ultrabounce
18x8 Bleached Muslin
212x12 Solid
112x12 Single
112x12 Double
112x12 Poly Silk
112x12 Full Grid
112x12 1/2 Grid
112x12 1/4 Grid
112x12 Ultrabounce
112x12 Bleached Muslin
120x20 Solid
120x20 Single
120x20 Double
120x20 Poly Silk
120x20 Full Grid
120x20 1/2 Grid
120x20 1/4 Grid
120x20 B/W Griff
120x20 UltraBounce
120x20 Bleached Muslin


24" C-Clamps
14" C-Clamp Baby
26" C-Clamps
26" C-Clamp Baby
26" C-Clamp Junior
28" C-Clamps
28" C-Clamp Baby
28" C-Clamp Junior
210" C-Clamp Baby
110" C-Clamps Junior
2Furni Clamp 12"
2Furni Clamp 24"

Production Tools

14' Level
1Camera Umbrella
2Fire Extinguisher
1First Aid Kit
1Hard Rake
1Soft Rake
1Pick Axe
1Push Broom
1Sweep Broom
6Tent Stakes
6Road Cones
1Magliner - Wood
1Bike Pump
6Gobo Pads
1Muscle Cart Tire
1Garden Hose
4Omni 2k LED Worklight
4USB-C Cables
2USB Dual Charger
1Stand Repair Kit (Feet, Gobo Pads, Knuckles, Bolts)

Flag & Nets

618x24 Solid
318x24 Single
318x24 Double
318x24 Silk
218x24 Frame
62x3 Solid
32x3 Single
32x3 Double
32x3 Silk
32x3 Frame
12x3 Celo Cucoloris
12x3 Wood Cucoloris
12x3 Metal Flag
12x3 Video Tent, 3 Sides
124x4 Solid Floppy
14x4 Single
14x4 Double
14x4 Silk
14x4 Quarter Silk
14x4 Celo Cucoloris
14x4 Wood Cucoloris
124x4 Frame
14x4 Metal Flag
14x4 Video Tent, 3 Sides
22x4 Cutter
22x6 Cutter
1Dot and Finger Set
16'x4' Wag Flag Kit
18'x4' Wag Flag Kit

Frames / Pipe

16x Frames Square
18x Frames Square
212x Frames Square
8Ears, Square
16Corners, Square
41' Speedrail
42' Speedrail
43' Speedrail
44' Speedrail
46' Speedrail
48' Speedrail
410' Speedrail
412' Speedrail
420' Speedrail
120x Frame Speedrail
2Ears, Speedrail
4Corners, Speedrail
4Speedrail Joiners
1Speedrail Menace Arm Kit
4Hard Tee Speedrail Fitting
4Swivel Tee Speedrail Fitting
4Floor Flange Speedrail Fitting
4Heavy Duty Wall Flange
4Split Cross Speedrail Fitting
4Corners Speedrail Fitting
4Barrel Cross Speedrail Fitting
112' Steel Pipe
120' Steel Pipe


21k Dimmers
2Socket Dimmers
1225' Stingers (in milkcrate)
850' Stingers (in milkcrate)
160A Bates - Male
160A Bates - Female
1100A Bates - Male
1100A Bates - Female
1100A 220V Bates - Male
1100A 220V Bates - Female
1220V Snake Bite
1110V Snake Bite
1Male Cam Suicide Turnaround
1Female Cam Suicide Turnaround


14' Ladder
16' Ladder
18' Ladder
110' Ladder
112' Ladder
132' Extension Ladder

5 Ton Expendables


12Cube Taps
9Ground Lifts
4Male Edison Plugs
4Female Edison Connectors
9Various Fuses
12Male Add-a-Taps
20Female Add-a-Taps
2Black Zip Cord Spool
2White Zip Cord Spool
6 Socket Extender
10Porecelain Sockets
3AAA Batteries - 4 Pack
3AA Batteries - 4 Pack
4C Batteries
4D Batteries
49v Batteries


22" Grey Gaff
22" Black Gaff
22" White Gaff
21" Black Gaff
21" White Gaff
22" Black Paper
21" Black Paper
22" Blue Painters Masking Tape
22" J-Lar
21" J-Lar
2Double Stick Tape
6Transfer "Snot" Tape 3/4"
2Black Electrical "Phase"
2White Electrical "Phase"
2Red Electrical "Phase"
2Blue Electrical "Phase"
2Green Electrical "Phase"
1Caution Tape


Roll204 - Full CTO
Roll205 - 1/2 CTO
Roll206 - 1/4 CTO
Roll223 - 1/8 CTO
Roll201 - Full CTB
Roll202 - 1/2 CTB
Roll203 - 1/4 CTB
Roll218 - 1/8 CTB
Roll244 - Full Plus Green
Roll245 - 1/2 Plus Green
Roll246 - 1/4 Plus Green
Roll278 - 1/8 Plus Green
Roll247 - Full Minus Green
Roll248 - 1/2 Minus Green
Roll249 - 1/4 Minus Green
Roll279 - 1/8 -Minus Green
Roll441 - Full Straw
Roll442 - 1/2 Straw
Roll443 - 1/4 Straw
Roll444 - 1/8 Straw
Roll209 - ND.3
Roll210 - ND.6
Roll211 - ND.9
Roll299 - ND1.2
Roll269 - Heat Shield


Roll129 - Heavy Frost
Roll216 - White Diffusion
Roll250 - 1/2 White Diffusion
Roll251 - 1/4 White Diffusion
Roll252 - 1/8 White Diffusion
Roll410 - Opal
Roll420 - Light Opal
Roll430 - Full Grid
Roll432 - Light Grid
Roll434 - 1/4 Grid
Roll402 - Soft Frost
Roll253 - Hampshire Frost
Roll229 - 1/4 Tough Spun
RollR3014 - Hilite
RollR3803 - Silver Flex
RollR3805 - Gold Flex
RollR3801 - Silver Mirror
RollR3814 - Gold Mirror
RollR3809 - Silver/Black Scrim
Roll1000H Tracing Paper


4PH 211 Photo Flood
4PH 212 Photo Flood
4PH 213 Photo Flood
4BCA-250w/4800k (blue)
4EBW-500w/3200k (blue)


4#8 Spot Cord - 100'
4#8 Sash Cord - 100'
4#4 Mason Line (White) - 48'
1#4 Trick Line (Black) - 48'


44'x8' B/W Foamcore
24'x8' W/W Foamcore
24'x8' Beadboard
24x4 Beadboard Bounce/Silver Reflector
232"x40" Gold Matte Showcard
232"x40" Gold Shiny Showcard
232"x40" Silver Matte Showcard
232"x40" Silver Shiny Showcard
632"x40" B/W Showcard


24'x8' Birch Plywood
24'x8' AC Plywood
24'x4' AC Plywood
22"x12"x12' Lumber
21"x12"x12' Lumber
62"x4"x12' Lumber
61"x4"x12' Lumber


112'x20' Black Visqueen (6mil)
112'x20' Clear Visqueen (6mil)
2Roll of 2' Blackwrap/Cinefoil
2Roll of 1' Blackwrap/Cinefoil
1Box of Cello Screen
136"x25yd Rubber Matting
150 yd Roll of 54" Duvetyne


1Flat Black Paint
1Gloss Black Paint
1Flat White Paint
1Gloss White Paint
1DTC Red Paint
1High Heat Black Paint
1High Heat White Paint
1Grey Primer Paint
2Baby Powder
2Super 77 Glue
1Silicone Spray
2Dulling Spray
1Matte Spray
1Alcohol Wipes
1Simple Green
1Armor All or Pledge
1Fantasy FX - Haze-in-a-can

Misc. Expendables

1Roll Bailing Wire
350ct Pack of C-47s
2Box of Pushpins
1Mono Filament
1Box of Grip Chain
1Roll of Paper Towels
1Box of Trash Bags
1Box of (6) 1x1 Mirrors
91" Crutch Tips
93/4" Crutch Tips
15Tennis Balls
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