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The San Francisco Bay area’s largest selection of film, photo, video, lighting & grip equipment

Our Story

Over the last three decades, DTC has equipped and participated in most of the major iconic feature films and television productions occurring in the Bay Area. In addition, DTC owners, Peter and Steve, have been involved in other projects around the world, including high-end commercials, tech industry content, and studio design. Additionally, they have had the pleasure of supporting many independent and student films throughout the year. It is this wide-ranging experience that makes DTC uniquely helpful to any production.

Our Services

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DTC has the most extensive contemporary fixture inventory in Northern California. We take pride in housing one of the largest rental inventories outside of Hollywood. Dedicated to staying on top of industry trends, we are always adding the latest and greatest in new equipment.

Fully stocked Truck packages

We offer fully customizable truck packages to suit your production needs.  Contact our rental staff today!

Expendables, Lighting & Grip Equipment Sales

Do you need tape? Gel? Lighting fixtures? Grip equipment?  DTC is proud to be dealers for all the top lighting, grip & electrical manufacturers and our experienced staff is ready to assist you and your production’s needs.

Custom Design & installation

DTC specializes in studio & theatrical retrofits or new builds.  We can assist with grids, curtains, green-screens, new fixtures, electrical, and control.  Please reach out to our design team for your next project.

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