About Us

DTC was started over 30 years ago by Peter Thomas and Steve Condiotti, along with Greg Davies. Grown out of the demand for their services as Gaffers, DTC was formed to provide quality equipment for the productions they themselves were working on.

Their own high standards for their company got the attention of many Los Angeles commercial production companies, who relied on DTC to provide the kind of support that experienced and acclaimed Directors of Photography and Gaffers would expect and depend on. With this reputation, DTC evolved into a full force rental house, styled on providing high-end service and support.

Peter and Steve both continued to be in demand, working on major films, television series, and commercials all around the globe, and eventually becoming Directors of Photography themselves. They continued to grow and maintain DTC to remain relevant and keep up-to-date on current trends and technologies.

Their vast experience has always been used to refine DTC to meet the expectations of the highest caliber work, but also listen to the needs of all kinds of productions. No matter how big or small a job you have to prepare for, we will always approach it with the same high standards we’ve always set for ourselves.