DTC’s retail store stocks all the supplies you need for your production. We carry a full range of expendable items such as tapes, lamps, gel, gobos, paints, seamless paper, Fome-Cor®, fabric, and more.

Our most popular expendable items are listed below.  If there is something you’re looking for that’s not listed, please reach out to us.  If we don’t have it in stock, we can source it for you.

We offer delivery and shipping. Please call our office or email sales@dtcgrip.com today!

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Gel & Gobos

DTC carries a large inventory of lighting filters & diffusions for incandescent and LED lights from the top manufacturers: Rosco, Lee & Gam.  Please call us for availability or with any questions.  We also sell swatchbooks.

Rosco & Gam
Sheet – 20″ x 24″
Rolls – 24″ x 25′ or 48″ x 25′ wide.  Special order item only.
Rosco MIXbook (Digital Swatchbook).

Lee Filters
Sheet: 21″ x 24″
Rolls: 48″ x 25′
Wide Rolls:  60″ x 20′


DTC has an inventory of gobos for sale, but if you’re looking for a specific image or a large quantity we recommend you call ahead with your order.  Please take a look through the online catalogs in the links below to find the gobos that fit your needs.

Standard Gobos
Rosco & Gam Gobo Catalog
Apollo Design Gobo Catalog

Custom Gobos
Would you like to design your own gobo for a special event? We can help with custom gobos.


Gaffers Tape
(Black, White, Grey, Brown, Tan, Teal, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Electric Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Burgandy, Dark Green, Olive, Chroma Green, Camo Brown (2″ only), Camo Green (2″ only) & Fluorescent Colors: Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink)

1/2″ Spike Tape
1″ Gaffers Tape
2″ Gaffers Tape
3″ Gaffers Tape (Black & White only)
4″ Gaffers Tape (Black & White only)

4″ Cable Path Tape
2″ “Caution” Tape
2″ “First Unit” Tape
2″ Glow Gaff Tape

Paper Tape
(Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, & Fluorescent Colors: Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink)

1/4″ Paper Tape
1/2″ Paper Tape
3/4″ Paper Tape (White only)
1″ Paper Tape
2″ Paper Tape

Additional Tape
1/2″ Photo Black Tape
1″ Photo Black Tape
2″ Photo Black Tape

1″ Masking Tape (Blue & Tan)
2″ Masking Tape (Blue & Tan)

1/2″ Glow Tape
1″ Glow Tape
2″ Glow Tape

Chroma Key Green Tempo Tape
Friction Tape
J-LAR Clear Tape
Vinyl Dance Floor Tape (Clear, Black, White, Grey)
Electrical Tape (Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Grey)

Double-Sided Tape
Scotch 1″ Permanent Double-Sided Tape
1″ Industry Tape
1/2″ Joe’s Sticky Stuff, Clear Butyl
3/4″ Joe’s Sticky Stuff, Clear Butyl
1″ Joe’s Sticky Stuff, Clear Butyl
3/4″ Transfer “Snot” Tape
1/4″ Killer Red Tape
3/8″ Killer Red Tape
1/2″ Killer Red Tape
3/4″ Killer Red Tape
1″ Killer Red Tape
2″ Carpet Tape

Light Masking
12″ x 50′ Rosco Cinefoil/Gam BlackWrap
24″ x 25′ Rosco Cinefoil/Gam BlackWrap
48″ x 25′ Rosco Cinefoil/Gam BlackWrap
2″ BlackTak Tape (Blackwrap tape)


#4 Trick Line/Tie Line, Black, 48′, 600′, or 3000′
#4 Sash Cord, White, 48′, 600′, or 1500′

#6 Sash Cord, White, 100′

#8 Sash Cord, Black or White, 100′
#8 Spot Cord, White, 100′, or 300′

Larger spools are available for special order.

Adhesives & Effects

Fog & Haze
Fantasy FX – Fog In A Can
Rosco Fog Fluid
Bog Fog – Extreme High-Density Fog Juice
DaFiddy – Oil-Less Haze Juice for DF-50 Hazer
CITI High-Performance Haze Fluid for DF-50 Hazer

Streaks ‘N Tips Dulling Spray (Black, Brown, White)
Movie Dust/Fullers Earth
Schmere Aging Sticks (Burnt Umber, Grass, Rotten Stone, Sweat)

Spray Adhesive
3M 75 Repositionable Spray Adhesive
3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive
3M Super 90 Strong Adhesive Spray


Paint & Flame-Retardants

Paints & Primer

Rosco Paints
Rosco Tough Prime, Black or White, 1 or 5 Gallon
Rosco Video Paint, Chroma Key Green, 1 or 5 Gallon

Any other Rosco paint is available for special order.

Paint Additive
Rosco Flamex PA – Latex Paint Additive

Rosco Flamex NF – Natural Fiber
Rosco Flamex PC – Paper & Cardboard
Rosco Flamex SF – Synthetic Fiber
Rosco Flamex WD – Raw Wood




Spray Paints
Krylon Ultra Flat Black
Krylon Semi-Flat Black
Krylon Glossy Black or White
Krylon High Heat Black
Krylon High Heat & Radiator Black or White
Krylon Banner Red Spray Paint
Krylon Camouflage With Fusion for Plastic Paint Technology – Olive, Light Green, Brown

Movie Paint
Movie Paint Removeable – Light Patina, Dark Patina, Beige/Fullers Earth/Nicotine, Dirt, Red Rust/Medium, Rust/Dark Brown, Chroma Key Green