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Lamps - Globes

Our most popular electrical items are listed below. If there’s something you’re looking for that you don’t see, please let us know. We would be happy to source it for you.

We offer curbside pickup, delivery, or shipping. Please call our office or email today!


Theatrical Lamps & Film Globes

We carry a stock of all the most common lamps for your lighting fixtures. Please contact us for your specific needs.

Incandescent Bulbs are becoming harder to source as the manufacturers faze them out, but we do have some in stock. Please reach out to us to check on availability. We have a good selection of incandescent A19, Candelabra, and PhotoFlood bulbs. We also carry some LED varieties.


Cable & Adapters

12/3 Edison Cable
5-Pin DMX Cable
4-Pin Data Cable

5′, 10′, 15′, 25′, 50′, 100′ cable lengths are standard, but we can also special order custom lengths.

18/2 Zip Cord 250′ Spool (Black, Brown, White)

Adapters & Accessories
Cube Tap
Ground Lift
5-Pin DMX to 3-Pin DMX Adapter
5-Pin DMX Terminator
RJ45 to 5-Pin DMX Adapter
20A Stage Pin to Edison (L5-20) Adapter
20A Twistlok M (L5-20P) to NEMA 15A Edison F (5-15R)
1000W Dimmer


Connectors & Sockets

15A/125V Edison Connector (5-15)

20A/250V Twistlok Connector (L6-20)
30A/ 125V Twistlok Connector (L5-30)

20A/125V Stage Pin Connector
100A/125V Stage Pin Connector, Group 5
100A/250V Stage Pin Connector, Group 5


Sockets & Socket Adapters
TP22H Socket with Leads (for Source 4 ERS Repair)
TP22XL Socket with Leads (for Par 64 Repair)

MR-16 Socket
Chinese Lantern Socket
Ceramic Medium Screw Socket
Candelabra Quick-On Socket

Medium Screw Base > Candelabra Adapter
Medium Screw Base > Edison Adapter “Pignose”
Euro E14 to Candelabra E12 Adapters
Medium Screw Base > Edison Adapter
Medium Screw Base > Mogul Screw Base Adapter
Medium Base to Bayonette Adapter

#2 – 2/O Cam Lok Connectors
2/O – 4/O Cam Lok Connectors
Male to Male Cam Turnaround Adapter
Female to Female Cam Turnaround Adapter

Phoenix Connectors for LiteGear Lite Ribbon
Power Supply for LiteGear Lite Ribbon

Add-a-Tap Connectors for 18/2 Zip Cord